Monday, September 19, 2011

Switch Your Cuisine To Get Lean And Boost Your Immunity This Fall.

I love fall, it's an amazing time of year with such energy and excitement. It will forever give me the feeling of butterflies in my stomach, just like I had on my first day of school. With fall comes much change. The air begins to cool and crisp and the trees start to bare their branches. These changes evoke change in our well being. As humans we are very connected to our home (mother earth). As it begins to shift and change so do we. Our cravings become different and rightly so. We need to change our eating to adapt to the season and by doing so we become better aligned in our health. 
Why do we gain weight in the summer!?
Post summer many of us are coming off of high sugar benders, parties where we consumed too much food and alcohol, and rather than feel slim from the summer we dread breaking out our old wardrobe for fear that nothing will fit. 
So how do we reverse this crisis and do it fast? I encourage my clients to eat different foods for each different season. By doing this you will eat fresher foods and help maintain balance with your weight and immune system. With summer being the hottest season it produces cravings for more cooling foods. The foods that evoke a cooling feeling in our bodies are unfortunately not the healthiest. They are mainly dairy and sugar. Put those to foods together and what do you get? Frozen pops, ice cream, yogurt, frozen drinks etc. This is exactly why people often feel bloated and experience weight gain going into the fall.
On a positive note as soon as the air gets chill and the fall rolls around we naturally lose the desire to eat those foods and we develop a taste for more warming sensations. By giving into this natural desire you will begin to shed the excess pounds and feel better in your body in no time. The best way we can detox ourselves off of the sugar is by hitting up the grocery store and adding in all of the foods that come into season. Apples, pears, squashes, brussel sprouts, pumpkin and many other delicious foods start to appear. These foods not only have a ton of nutritional value, but they are low sugar and will help to boost your metabolism.
                                                                                                                          Click here for a complete shopping list of foods to eat for the colder seasons.

Fall/Winter Eating Suggestion:

· Eat more foods that are Sweet, Sour, Salty / Heavy, Oily, Moist, Hot:   
such as soups, stews, steamed veggies, warm herbal teas.

· Eat less foods that are Pungent (Spicy), Bitter, Astringent / Light, Cold, Dry:  
such as salads, smoothies, cold foods and beverages, chips and salsa.

Not only is eating for fall a great time to drop some excess summer weight, it is also a great way to protect our health. The heartiness and nutritional density of fall foods protects our body. They warm and strengthen the bones, organs and immune system. Remember when you were little and your mom always said chicken soup was the cure? There is much validity to that. Broths and stews with bones in them secrete cartilage matter, which is great for our health and immune system.
One of my favorite quotes: "Food is thy medicine and medicine thy food"-hypocrites.
 We can use food to boost our immunity and prepare for the colder weather where we are often exposed to flus and viruses. This is the perfect time to spice up your dishes with immune boosting foods.
Below are a few great additions that are seasonal and protective.
·         Pepper  - Onions
·         Broccoli -  Kale 
·         Pumpkin - Squash
·         Garlic   -   Cabbage

Click here to get a fabulous recipe for White bean stew with pumpkin and kale. Ring in the new season with delicious flavor and easy cooking!

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