Sunday, February 13, 2011

Detox your body everyday without taking drastic measures!

Last month we blogged about our juice fast adventure and our attempt at cleansing our bodies. We had much success and came away with insights into our psyche as well as our physical bodies. I have been getting a lot of questions about how often to cleanse and the safety around this. Since there are many different ways to cleanse the frequency at which you do this can vary. It also varies person to person. The body is self-cleaning and very efficient at eliminating waste and toxins already, that we take this for granted until we notice weight gain, cellulite, skin problems and other problems that appear. The cleaner you eat on a regular basis the less "detoxing" you have to do. Waiting until these issues build up and having to deprive yourself or fast can be no fun!

Here are some ways you can detox every single day, without having to take extreme measures:

First off reducing things like cigarettes, alcohol, foods that are high in fats and sugars and coffee will have an amazing impact on your health.

Hydrate!! ---Drink a ton of water. Start your day off by drinking at least 2 glasses of water. Preferably with lemon and at room temperature.

Probiotics-- Organic yogurts, sauerkraut, kombucha tea, miso, tempeh and kim chi are all great sources for probiotics.

Eat your greens-- Greens are naturally detoxifying and they help to decrease cravings for the bad stuff like sweets.

The 4 S's (Sauna, Steam Sweat and Scrub)-- Detox your largest organ on the body, which is the skin by opening up your pores and letting the gunk out.

Detox teas--These teas can be purchased at your local health food stores. They are all natural and plant based. My favorite is  Yogi Teas brand

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