Monday, July 20, 2009

Mental Principle #2: The Determined Mindset

With well-written goals, your odds for success have improved but they still aren't very good. So you start taking the next steps of identifying the actions, people and programs that can get you on your way. However many times in the first 2 months along the path, people allow themselves to be derailed, lose site of their inspiration and find excuses for not progressing towards their goals. They soon give up, feeling guilty, weak and defeated, while others press on unfettered. Those who last have chosen to adopt the Determined Mindset, which means they are...
  • Driven - "I will continue to press on until I find a way"
  • Responsible - "I am in control of my daily choices, there is nobody to blame"
  • Fearless - "I am willing to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve my goal, even if it makes me uncomfortable or embarrassed"
  • Committed - "I am giving this a high priority in my life"
Never loose faith that you will prevail in the end no matter how many setbacks or how long it seems to take. All great people take on great challenges and so have also overcome great barriers. Determination is the over riding feature of all people who have achieved long-term success. Like the energizer bunny it keeps you going and going and going when others will quickly drop out and loose faith.

Remember: Determination is not an innate character trait, it is a choice.

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