Thursday, July 14, 2011

Other Days - a dharma poem by Gavin

Some days, when I haven’t taken care of my body and mind,
I have to scrap myself out of bed, resisting the day, half asleep.
My eyes are cast down and I stumble past things like a blind man.
My ears are ringing with stale thoughts and I miss people’s words like a deaf man.
My mind is agitated and I fearfully spit out venom like a mad man.
My body is speedy with doubt and I scarf down my meal like a scared man.
I am ignorantly, pointlessly suffering and so I make others suffer too.

Other days, when I have cared for my body and mind,
I easily rise from bed, embracing a new day, wide awake.
My eyes are uplifted and I see all the world's beauty like a painter.
My ears are tuned into the world and I hear it's harmony like a musician.
My mind is curious and I kindly speak words of wisdom like a teacher.
My body is peaceful with confidence and I taste each ingredient like a chef.
I am mindfully, naturally joyful and so I share it with others.

Noticing the difference between some days and other days,
I train my body and mind to make everyday an other day.

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