Sunday, July 18, 2010

VIDEO: Stability & Endurance Phase

We are now in the middle of Fusion Cross-training's Stability & Endurance phase this month, but you might not know what it is exactly and why we do it.
What. Stability & Endurance training is what I consider the base of the fitness pyramid as it helps allow clients to move up the intensity of their workouts and athleticism without risking injury. We use all the same tools and some of the same exercises but in a different way. For the stability elements, working on maintaining balance and body posture while performing exercise is key and for endurance it is all about lasting a long time before fatigue so you can get through the workouts.

Why. Stability in the core, shoulders and hips is a necessary ability for all effective human movement and improves any other type of activity you are engaged in. Training for endurance is about being able to last longer at a strong rate of exersion without getting winded or shut down. Again it is base requirement for fitness but can always be imporved, from getting throug ha 1 hour workout to runnign a marathon. This works more of type I muscle fibers which are used every day and the aerobic energy system which strengthens the heart so we are capable of most exercise and work.

How. Endurance cardio or exercises are done at moderate instensity so that they can be done for several minutes or even hours. Rep ranges are higher 15+ which still feels tough as it results in total muscle fatigue. This tells our muscles to come back tougher next week.

Click on the video link to watch this month's workout routines and subscribe to Fusion Cross-training's YouTube Channel to get new workouts each month. Please comment and tell me what you think


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