Saturday, May 22, 2010

Now that's a Wrap

Today I was in Jersey checking out a womens health expo and they had raw food vendor where I picked up this colorful wrap.  While the expo sucked and the fleet of slow moving family employees almost made me walk away before they could serve me some food, I am really glad I didn't.  This wrap was unreal, so many colorful and healthy vegetable options I just told him to give me a little of everything on my chunk turkey and whole grain wrap.  Check it out I got:
- Purple Beet Salad
- Orange Yam and Coconut Mash
- Yellow Sprouted lentils
- Green Baby Spinach
- Red Tomatoes

Wraps in most restaurants aren't whole grain, they are bleached white, they call clear ice berg lettuce a vegetable and throw on cheese and mayonnaise to add to the flurry of beige, nutrient-less processed foods.  This is how a wrap should be, real, raw and colorful. 

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