Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Keeping Your Balance

For some balance seems like it was a given gift from birth and for others forever frustrating and elusive.

It is true that a fit body is better suited for balance as body parts are all in proportion to one another and your stabilizing muscles are strong, but balance is a skill that everyone can learn.

How it's Done, Some Tips:
  1. Don't expect to be a ballerina out of the gate, leave your ego at the door.
    I have some clients who have no balance training yet they go for a fully extended pose every time even though they cannot hold it for more than a second. Balance needs to be built up progressively, so leave your ego at the door and start with the easiest positions and work at doing them perfectly before moving on.
  2. Start by quieting your body and breathing
    When you are all out of sorts, moving into a balance is bound for failure. Slow your breathing and get solid through your body with weight straight into the floor.
  3. Focus your eyes on one spot out in front of your
    This is crucial, when you are concentrating on one thing almost anything is possible. Pick a spot that will allow your body to be elongated and relaxed once you're actually in position and keep your eyes on it the entire time. When your eyes wander, your mind wanders and you fall.
  4. Get your balance first and then work on extending your limbs and body.
    So many times clients throw their body into a finished position before ever getting their balance. Find your balance and then slowly move into more challenging positions.

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