Sunday, August 19, 2012

Eat Like an Athlete to Look Hotter, Get Faster and Be Stronger

We can’t stress enough the importance of proper nutrition and the profound affect that it has on your body. If you really want to take your training or your body to the next level then keep reading. We are going to unleash the secrets behind exactly how you should be eating to support your goals. We all look at athletes and envy their abilities and physiques, but the truth is all of us have an inner athlete inside of us and the potential to look and feel your best. You just need to incorporate some specific dietary habits and you are well on your way. 

What do athletes do that normal people don’t?

Consume adequate energy and nutrients

An athlete never skips a meal!!!!!! We see this as a common issue with people and their inability to see good results. Our bodies need constant fuel, especially if we are active. Our rule of thumb: Never go more than 4 hours without eating if you have trained that day. Even if you are taking a day off to recover it is important to load up on nutrients that will help your body rebuild. In the beginning of trying to eat more frequently it is common to feel as if you are force feeding (not hungry), soon your body will adapt and crave more frequent meals. 

It is super important to eat nutritious foods. Try not to only focus on just the calories. Calories do make a difference as far as how much energy our body needs, however eating those calories in nutritious foods vs. junky foods will get you positive results. We should all know this by now, but I am going to drill it in your mind for good!!

Which is more bang for your buck? A bowl of kale sautéed in olive oil equalling 250 calories or a bowl of cereal and milk also equalling 250 calories? 
Definitely the kale! the vitamins, minerals and heart-healthy fats are far superior to a bowl of refined carbohydrates. 

Eat the right balance of foods before a workout to promote energy during training 

The most frequent question asked. “What do I eat before I workout?” We encourage you to eat before a workout always. No excuses, even if you plan on working out at the crack ass of dawn. If you want to have better performance and give your body the ability to burn fat, then make sure you have something at least 2 hours prior. If you have the chance to eat 2 hours before try having a combination of  simple and complex carbs to keep you fueled, like oatmeal with fruit, whole grain toast with peanut butter and honey, or yogurt with low sugar granola. If you are rushing and have 1 hour or less to digest try something a little more subtle like a piece of fruit , which only takes 20-30 min to digest. 

Eat the balance of foods  post workout to promote optimal recovery 

The second most frequent question asked “what do I eat after I workout?” This is the most important time to eat if you are looking to change your physique and reduce muscle soreness. Our bodies require food within 1 hour post workout. AFTER THAT IT ISN’T GOING TO WORK! This is the perfect time to get a balance of both protein and carbs. This is the best time to eat simple carbs, such as fruits and honey are great for after a workout, because they can absorb faster and help you recover. Try eating fruit smoothies with protein powder added, or a yogurt with fruit and honey. 

Maintain proper hydration levels before, during and after training

If you aren’t hydrated you wont be able to absorb your post workout food, which is how you get results! Now, how much fluid do you need and what’s the best kind to get?

If you are exercising for under 90 minutes, then water should be just fine. If you are working out for 90 plus, then it’s time to think about adding some electrolytes. We recommend coconut water. Never become thirsty during your exercise. This can be prevented by drinking enough water the day before and morning of your workout. Athletes who compete will make sure to hydrate properly days leading up to the race in order to save themselves from frequent urination. It is also important to hydrate to help our bodies eliminate excess waste in order to see weight loss and fat loss results. 

Still unsure of exactly what you should be eating for better looks and performance? Then contact one of our nutritionists for an eating assessment. Only $30. Email to set up an appointment.

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