Thursday, August 23, 2012

Press Release: Unite Fitness Decathlon launching in Philly Oct 6th

Unite Fitness Decathlon: Oct 6th, 2012
8:30 AM – 3 PM
Wissahickon Creek Park
850 W. Walnut Ln.
Philadelphia, PA 19128

You’ve run Broad Street, conquered mud courses, and maybe even triumphed over a triathlon, so what endurance challenge is left for the ultimate fitness fanatic? The Unite Fitness Decathlon (UFD).
“We saw a need for a race that was more than just running, a more balanced but still kick-ass race that would inspire people to become well rounded athletes,” explains Unite Fitness Decathlon founder, Gavin McKay. The UFD is the next generation of racing, taking racing beyond getting a little muddy by adding in real fitness elements.  The UFD draws its inspiration from the original Olympic decathlon where determined men and women competed to be considered the best all-around athlete. Rather than just testing your ability for distance running, the UFD will challenge your overall strength and athleticism with a series of ten fitness challenges versus skill based events, meaning anyone with the will can participate. This is a difficult – but not impossible – undertaking. For those who want to become balanced, muscular athletes, this event can give you the extra motivation to help you reach your goal. Plus you get great bragging rights!
The UFD consists of two parts: the first is a combination of ten trials to get you sweating and test all elements of fitness: stability, endurance, strength, power, and speed. This section includes: Lunge Walks, Suspension Chest Press, Box Jumps, Bench Dips, among others. Don’t forget the Rucksack Hill Climb to push your running stamina to the limit. After the ten fields are complete, the second half begins – a 10K trail run through breath taking Wissahickon Creek Park.
You can participate in the UFD as an individual, or you can compete in teams of three where your average time is used to determine your rank. The UFD won’t be all blood, sweat, and tears though. We’ve chosen the decathlon to take place on October 6th so that it will coincide with the wildly popular Midtown Village Fall Festival in Center City, which will be the backdrop for the UFD’s after party at Fusion Cross-training’s center city studio.  All race and course details @
Join us on October 6th and come face-to-face with the challenge of a lifetime!

For more details contact Gavin McKay: or 267-337-4365 or visit

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