Monday, July 09, 2012

How to Row Like a Pro

Rowing technique can be very complex at the highly competitive level, but can be broken down into 7 basic, easy to follow steps. By following these steps the exercise can become much less intimidating.

1.    Sit with legs extended,upper body leaning back at angle with arms pulled into the bottom of the sternum.
2.    In this position, extend the arms straight out away from the body. They should be parallel to the legs.
3.    Pivot forward from the hips until hands are over the shins and the person rowing feels a tug in the hamstrings.
4.    Keeping the upper body in this position, bend the knees and roll up to the top of the slide until the shins are parallel with the floor and the butt is almost touching the heels.

5.    Extend the legs until they are straight, as if jumping.
6.    Using the momentum made with the push from the legs, swing the back to the reclined position.
7.    With the back reclined, pull the arms in. At this point of the stroke, the position should be the same as the starting position.

Keep in mind, that like anything, the rowing technique takes practice and patience to master. 

Watch coach Jesse in this awesome video showing you how to row correctly! 

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