Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Eat Dessert Everyday to Lose Weight!

How do you eat dessert everyday and still lose weight? Easy….. give yourself permission to eat real/filling whole food desserts. 

Nobody wants to give up the sweet deliciousness of having dessert. When on a diet, people will often deprive themselves of all sweets, until they eventually have such intense cravings that they cave and binge. Incorporating dessert and making it a regular part of your everyday diet can actually be more beneficial to weight loss in the end. From a psychological standpoint, allowing yourself to have treats everyday, in a controlled amount, gives the mind and body comfort. Just remember: we always want what we can't have, so by giving yourself permission you will automatically have less.

Effective weight loss can only occur when you take in fewer calories than you use on a daily basis. One pound of fat is equivalent to about 3,500 calories, so you need to have a deficit of at least this much to lose one pound a week. Some commercial diets promote the idea that their plan allows you to eat dessert regularly, but this doesn't mean that you can eat any dessert you want and still lose weight. A weight loss diet that includes dessert only works when the calories in that dessert are considered along with the calories consumed during the other meals and snacks in the diet.

Desserts and Weight

The bad reputation many desserts have regarding weight loss is due to their high fat, sugar and calorie content. Any food that is high in calories can contribute to weight gain, and traditional desserts such as cakes, cookies and ice cream could add 500 or more calories a day to your diet. If you tend to eat dessert every day, reducing the frequency or size of your dessert is a quick way to shave off a big chunk of your daily calories and help fast-track your weight loss. Another problem with most desserts is that they are low in nutrition, so you need to eat more of other, healthier foods to get enough essential vitamins and minerals in your daily diet.

What Are Healthy Desserts?

You can still have dessert every day, even when on a diet, as long as you choose nutritious dessert options instead of desserts high in fat, sugar and calories. Eating a serving of low-sugar fruit (all berries, apples, pears, peaches, plums, nectarines) after dinner is a good way to satisfy your sweet tooth while still keeping your calorie count low. Fruit can also be prepared in interesting ways to keep desserts from becoming boring. For example, you can put frozen bananas in a food processor/high-powered blender to create a creamy cold consistency just like ice cream. From there you can add cocoa powder, and other various toppings to create unique flavors. Remember choose desserts that come from natural whole foods. Avoid packaged or processed sweets, unless you can recognize every ingredient on the label.

Healthy Dessert Ideas:

  • Yogurt- Choose plain (preferably greek for lower sugar content and higher protein) add your own natural sweeteners or fruit.  
  • Berries with melted semi sweet chocolate chips
  • Dark/raw chocolate (keep the cacao content above 70%)
  • Coconut ice cream ( So Delicious Brand makes a sugar free version that tastes great!)
  • Homemade sorbets made from frozen fruit and blended 
  • Raw chocolate pudding (1 avocado, 3 tbsp cacao powder, 1 tbsp palm sugar and blend


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