Monday, December 12, 2011

Winter Slow Burn Cleanse - Jan 16-26th

Did you know that certain carbohydrates are linked to depression, weight gain, low energy, brain fog, cravings, etc..?
Not all Carbs are created equal! From whole grain bread to fresh fruit to gluten free goods, each one of these metabolizes very differently and affects your weight and ability to burn fat. Find this out for yourself by taking on this Winter's eating challenge: The Slow Burn Cleanse Jan 16-26th

How many cookies, cakes, pies and mashed potatoes have you consumed over the months of November and December? 
Your body is crying for some relief.

Start 2012 off right by joining our 10 day cleanse now.
Get very mindful of just how many processed flours and sugars are in your diet and what it would feel like to rid yourself of these toxic ingredients. We will walk you through this process with guided support and coaching the entire 10 days.

During the cleanse be prepared to experience:
  • A lighter, less bloated version of yourself
  • Enhanced digestion
  • Less cravings and rid yourself of false hunger 
  • Better performance in your workouts 
What does this program cost?
The cost of this program is $47, which includes: 
  • Step by step guidelines to follow
  • Recipes, shopping guide and menu outline
  • A full education on this philosophy and how it could change your life through mindful eating
  • A 1-on-1 complimentary eating assessment with one of our nutrition coaches (valued at $30)
Start Seeing Results Today. Click Here to Sign Up

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