Friday, August 19, 2011

Close the Gap & Train Today

The difference between the bodies and fitness of coaches/fit clients and clients that haven’t achieved their goals is often times the gaps in their training and eating clean. The gap is the time between your bouts of working out, the week that can quickly turn into months if you are not careful.  Summer is the most dangerous time for falling into the gap and we all feel those traps.  Buffet barbeques, lazy beach weeks, influence of family/friends, etc. Cutting down this gap so that it is measured in days not weeks is essential to creating a true lifestyle of Heart.Muscle.Mind.  

An example that we see happen often times is people get into the program, maybe change their dietary habits a bit but after 2-3 months something in their life changes or vacation hits and they drop all the healthy routines they established.  Days become weeks, weeks become months and you lose ground you worked so hard to get.  Nothing is more demotivating than that, which becomes too much for many people and we don’t see them again.  The fact of the matter is, you’ve proven you can  make changes and progress in the past so you know you can do it again. Furthermore, it should be even easier this time since you have the experience and this time you will be mindful of falling into the gap.  This time you will progress even further.

The 2-3 month mark is the exact point when we need to bite down on our lip to be disciplined and remember all of the beliefs and benefits to living healthy.  If you successfully hold onto your healthy habits, even barely by doing just 2 workouts/week and grocery shopping, you will reach the point where it becomes programmed into you as a lifestyle with less chance of falling back.

For those that find themselves in a training gap but want to get back into it, there is more than just the law of momentum and demotivation from loss holding you back. For many people there is also guilt and social anxiety about returning to their coach and training community.  Today I want you to know that it is all in your head.  Drop the guilt story, your coaches want you back and will be happy to see you no questions asked.

Here is what you might think your coach is thinking about a return to training. 
“Hey John, haven’t seen you in while, where have ya been?  What happened?” 
He is so undisciplined, he didn’t listen to me so now he is fat and out of shape.  He is out of my favorites list.

Here is what your coach is actually thinking when you return?
“Hi John its good to see you back.  How are you?”
It is so good to see him again, I love when clients come back because it validates that my coaching and the program is an effective source of good for their life.  I wonder what is new in their life?

In the future, best not to let more than a week go by without having exercise and eating well in your life and stay mindful of the gap.

Drop everything that happened up to this point and Come Train With Us Today

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