Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Faith leads us forward, Fear holds us back

Sometimes we are just stuck.  Stuck in our old ways of thinking and acting, be it eating habits, fitness routines, people prejudices, etc.  If you aren't making it to your workouts, slacking off constantly on your healthy eating, not losing the body fat you want, then you are stuck.  

Faith is a sometimes touchy but powerful word because of religion.  Most of us think more about blind faith when we hear the word faith, but they are very different approaches and experiences.  Blind faith is a delusional state of mind where we try to block out the real risk/doubt and other potential options/beliefs that exist and act as if we really know what the truth, future or outcome will be.  Faith is at it's core a willingness to face the fear involved in taking a risk and having calm confidence as you move through the unknown until we get to the known.  Uncertainty and doubt are inherent in real faith, whether it is faith in a higher power, a group of people with beliefs/purpose, an individual person, a brand or in this case a fitness program.  We use faith everyday to be able to take risks without freaking out or making a big deal about it.  When we aren't convinced enough to have faith we are skeptical, unwilling to try, and go down a different more comfortable path.  This is normal. 

Fusion Cross-training is a holistic fitness and eating program so the faith I am asking for here is small but lets break it down and work up enough faith to get a taste of the philosophy and program.  Getting a taste is critical and it cannot be done without first giving the program a fair chance which is ideally a full 3 months and at a minimum 6 weeks.  Taste the bodily feeling after a full workout.  Taste knowing you have eaten the appropriate amount of calories. Taste the energy of healthy foods.  Taste the emotional response of our coaching words.  Taste the accomplishment of a fully completed week of training.  Pay attention and celebrate these tastes because they are building the strength of your faith which is much stronger than any outside motivation and will determine if you are part of the group that drops out of the program or the group that transforms their body and mind.

Actively choose to lesson the grip of fear we feel in the present moment by having a little faith, which allows us to relax with it all and move forward in a new and potentially healthier, rewarding direction.  Faith is about facing your fears (see what your excuses are and what is underneath them) rather than running from them or ignoring them.  Trust that just by moving in a direction you intuitively believe in will either bring you what you are looking for (in this case fitness results) or the lessons you will need to learn to overcome mental and physical obstacles.

Faith, like everything else, is a result of our thoughts and we can control a good deal of our thoughts and more importantly which ones we follow.  Amp up your faith and keep coming back to it by using the thought process below.  This will build your determination to begin and complete every portion of the program as closely as possible.  It is totally normal to get uncomfortable and not like parts of this program in particular because we are integrating so many different elements you need.  Know that by sticking with it, even for a little while, you are becoming mentally stronger. You can always go back to the way you were doing things.
  • Ask yourself, "Are your old workout routines and eating habits working for you now?"
  • You signed up for our program for a reason, what is it exactly?
  • Do you believe in the Heart.Muscle.Mind philosophyand this program?  why or why not?
  • Have you gotten a taste yet of the challenge, balance and healthiness of the program?
  • Are you willing to give it the FULL 3 months so you can truly know if it works for you?
  • What exactly is holding you back from starting or doing all that is asked of you?  Are those reasons rooted in fear or what?
  • If not this program, what are you willing to have faith in in your life?  Is faith in itself something you need to start developing more of in your entire life? 

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Allen said...

Your post reminds me of show called Enterprise with its theme song: Faith of the Heart. One of the best parts of the song: I can see my dreams come alive at last - I will touch the sky - no they're not gonna hold me back no more - no they're not gonna change my mind - I got faith of the heart - going where my heart will take me - I can reach any star – I hear the chorus singing do not let your fears hold you back.
"Faith is at its core a willingness to face the fear involved in taking a risk and having calm confidence as you move through the unknown until we get to the known."
Your thoughts were very timely for me. I am shaken up by a new boss at my job that wants to implement major changes. I see some tough challenging times ahead for me mentally and it's been throwing me off balance a little this week during my workouts. I am going to hang that word up somewhere for me to see in my cubicle - FAITH - that I'll pull through all these changes that are going to take a lot of blood, sweat, and tears on my part to implement. However, I can go through with calm confidence knowing at the end that I have grown. I know I can do it. Proof is my desire is my pursuit.
Look at humanity and the amazing achievements we made in the last 50 years. 10 years ago doctors did not truly understand my former hip condition. I was destroyed mentally. I was not able to run or bicycle at all without fear of injuring myself with searing lower back pain for days with one wrong movement. 10 months later I can run sub-6 minute miles again with no pain. I put my faith in the doctors that worked hard to fix my condition. As hard as it was, I had to have faith that I would get better. Heck! I have six-pack abs now and I can sustain faster intervals on the treadmills than I ever thought was physically possible for me. Thanks Fusion!

Your post reminds me of Enterprise's theme song:Faith of the Heart. My fav part of song:I can see my dreams come alive at last-I will touch the sky-no they're not gonna hold me back no more-no they're not gonna change my mind-I got faith of the heart-going where my heart will take me-I can reach any star