Thursday, February 25, 2010

March Training Cycle: Athletic Power

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Stack 2 increased our strength, intensity and belief in our body's abilities, Stack 3, the final training cycle,will put it all together: balance, speed, and strength to challenge your athleticism with some of the toughest workouts yet.  These explosive movements challenge different muscle fibers and energy systems, keeping your body/muscles/abilities/fitness progressing.  The more muscle the less fat.
Cardio: shorter distance/time intervals at high intensity speeds, hills or both at the same time.  Sprint up that hill!
Examples: 30 sec-2 min, 80-100% speeds, medium-steep hill levels, etc.
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Strength: big multi-joint movements, plyometrics, combining cardio and strength at a faster  pace 1:1 count, working with high resistance at low-moderate repetitions (6-10 men, 8-12 women) and use of Density Circuits, which fix the reps and time and go for max sets. 
Examples: kettlebell swing, full clean and press, wood choppers, snatches, burpees, band speed curls/extensions/flies, shoulder press jumping jack, plyo push-ups (hands leave ground), suspension ab swings/pikes, etc.

Fusion Cross-training's Complete Phased Training Approach

Phase 1:                     Phase 2:                     Phase 3:
Stability &                   Strength &                 Athletic
Endurance                  Conditioning               Power

March Split Routine by Day:

Monday - Legs, Back, Biceps
Tuesday - Chest, Shoulders, Triceps
Wednesday- Back, Legs, Biceps
Thursday- Shoulders, Chest, Triceps


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