Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Get to Know NEW Coach Lt Eric Clever

1. I grew up just north of Philadelphia in the Lansdale area, went to school at Drexel and have been living in Philly ever since.

2. I played lacrosse and baseball growing up which began my athletic aspirations.  The Army forced the fitness on me but I definitely enjoyed it.  My service has influenced me to keep pushing myself and always strive for more.  I look for this strong will in other people.  I'm also a huge fan of keeping to functional exercise.

3. Outside of work, I enjoy snowboarding, golfing, and I'm working on getting better at rock climbing.  I absolutely love to travel when I have time away from work and the money to do so, often with no plan what so ever.  I try to think of the most obscure locales and activities when planning my vacations. I have spent a month in Spain, a month in Scandinavia backpacking, and last vacation I spent climbing Mt Rainier.  Next summer I'm looking into volunteering on an Italian farm for a couple weeks.

4. My hero is somebody I have worked with in the military named Master Sergeant Aguilastratt.  This man has a mindset that puts his duties first and will stop at nothing to accomplish them.  He may seem harsh at times but in the end I always knew it was necessary for him to be that way.  His big priorities lie with the friends he works with and his family and he would not hesitate to take on somebody three times his size to defend them.  He has taught me a lot about being an Army officer and about excelling in life.

5. My friends motivate me to exercise and live healthy.  Those I am around on a regular basis are all similar in that they want to keep in shape and live well, which keeps my motivation up to do the same.  I also want to stay healthy into my older age.  I am still very young and know that it is never too early or late to start being healthier. 

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