Monday, November 23, 2009

Gavin's Breakfast of Champions #1

You asked for more nutrition info and ideas so I'm going to start sharing with you the quick, healthy meals I eat regularly and please send me your great ideas to share as well.

Cereal & Fruit Mash-up

Mix together 2-3 cereals that provide different elements to a great breakfast, i.e. high fiber, protein, tasty bits. Here are my favorites:
  • Kashi Go Lean (always my base of high fiber and protein)
  • Various Granola (adds protein, good fats and taste)
  • Muesli (more fiber and textures)
  • Mixes of Flakes, Nuts, Dried Fruits: like Raisin Bran Crunch, Cherry Almond, etc. for taste

Add in 1-2 servings of fruit for vitamins and flavor, depending on what is in season:
  • Blueberries (you can use frozen ones all year as they thaw in seconds in the milk/soy)
  • Strawberries
  • Bananas (all year round, high in potassium)
  • Peaches (the best while they last in summer)
Add in Skim Milk or Soy for more protein and chow down.

Between the fiber and protein this is a super satiating breakfast. If you trade down for more commercial brand sugar based cereals you loose the fiber and the full feeling that goes with it, so stick to the best cereals and ignore all the flashy packaging on crappy sudo-cereals.


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