Monday, October 26, 2009

Massaging The Truth

It has always been our intention here at Fusion to offer our clients all sorts of wellness opportunities. From nutrition, to meditation, and of course - kicking your butt with full-force fitness.

Now sometimes, all that physical work can create some sore muscles. Or maybe, working for "the man" has your back in knots. Or maybe you just want to treat yourself to a little respite of relaxation.

If you haven't been able to get a massage here at Fusion - It is partially our fault. We have offered such a limited schedule for massage, but no longer! We've been searching for just the right massage therapist to match Jesse's popularity and allow us to provide more QUALITY massage services. But now we have the prefect addition to our team...

We've found the best in Matt Taylor, who studied at the Massage Arts School and worked at the Ritz Carlton Spa picking up the best in both technique and environment. Matt combines a healing sports therapeutic massage technique with a relaxing spa experience (like essential oils, aroma therapy, and hot towels! Oh la-la!) . He's friendly, talented, and completely skilled.

Matt Taylor will NOW be our primary massage therapist. Popular Jesse Frank will continue as our secondary therapist, since he is so busy as a top trainer and nutritionist.

New Massage Rates:

$85 - 1 full hour massage

$225 - 3 pack of massages ($75 each, exp in 3 months)

Contact either Matt or Jesse directly to schedule your next massage today!

Matt Taylor - 215-667-0040,

Jesse Frank - 215-805-9012,

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