Thursday, September 10, 2009

BootCamper Confessions

Are you curious about what goes on at Fusion and in our Bootcamps? Here is the first in a series of interviews with some of our happy clients! First up to the treadmill, Kirsty!

Age: 36
Occupation: Community Relations Manager

Q: Why did you sign up for my boot camp, i.e. what motivated you?
A: My clothes were not fitting, which created an unhappy and frustrating start to every morning. My recent health checks weren't very good and I was getting breathless walking up stairs.

Q: What did you enjoy the most?
A: The (gentle) pressure to attend. Reporting numbers of workout each week made me feel accountable, and you never wanted to have done less than the rest of the group.

Q: Did you ever want to give up? What kept you going?
A: I wanted to finish the whole 10 weeks, and wished my vacation wasn't booked up to conflict with bootcamp! Overexerted myself at the start and wasn't eating properly so I was exhausted, but seeing the lbs drop off and toning my body up kept me going.

Q: Do you intend to continue with your current fitness regiment?
A: I took 5 weeks off while on vacation and then still in relaxation mode when returning home, but I have returned to Fusion 4 times in the last week and have signed up for the Fall bootcamp.

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HughE Dillon said...

Wait that sounds like me, so don't torture me if I gained a little weight on my furlough from Fusion.