Tuesday, September 22, 2009

BootCamper Confessions: Part II

Many of our Fusion clients become part of our fitness family thru friends, coworkers, or just by walking into our facility. A popular first step for clients is our series of popular BootCamps. Still, the idea of a bootcamp can be a bit intimidating...So, it is time for another BootCamper Confession! This time up, is the vivacious and talented Lee!

Name: Lee Romano Sequeira

Occupation: Entrepreneur - owner/partner of Sparkle Plenty Designs, Inc. (www.Sparkle-Plenty.com and www.GoodtoBeYou.com

Marital status: Happily Married (10 years) with 2 furkids Elton & Sophie

Why did you sign up for my boot camp? I wanted a summer fitness jump-start, and having a neighbor depend on me being there helped motivate me to "just do it" as they say.

Why Fusion? I liked the idea of Fusion's 10 week program; and the flexibility of classes offered.

Did you ever have any issues with any of our coaches?I have taken classes with: Gavin, Jesse, Meredith, Marie and Juliette and enjoyed all of them.

Which parts of the workout did you like best? Free weights (biceps, squats, etc.), Ab work (crunches, etc) and the Yoga is fab!

How has boot camp changed your total lifestyle or outlook? The whole process made me realize you really cannot - and should not live without a consistent exercise progam - it will help you feel great and look great too.

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