Sunday, February 15, 2009

Take Fusion's 4week Eating Overhaul Challenge & Whip Your Eating Habits into Shape

Bring Awareness to your Eating Habits by Paring Back
Last year Jesse Frank and I worked up a shorter term (1-2 week) detox or diet that is meant to help clients become more aware of just how much they are eating of the various types of foods that are not helping them reach their fitness goals. I've had several people ask to circulate this again and I have turned it into a 4 week challenge to reset our eating habits, at least the quality of what we are eating, which will hopefully in turn help us feel fuller while taking in fewer calories.

Most of us if not present and conscious about our daily meals end up with way more processed, sugary, fatty, alcoholic, calorie dense foods then we realize especially when eating out. We lose most of the super nutrient, lower calorie, natural foods that keep us satiated and in top form. Ultimately if you are looking for fat loss you need to monitoring calories but this Eating Overhaul Challenge will help you find and bring more low calorie foods into your diet.

The 4week Eating Overhaul Challenge pulls out all but the most essential nutrient dense foods that should be the base of your food pyramid and then look to start adding back in foods that should be next in your portion pyramid, starting with the healthiest and working our way back to the foods that are least important or more for pleasure.

The pyramid below gives you some idea of the portioning amongst the types of foods that make up the first segment of the challenge, which is detailed below.


So here is the challenge:

Week 1 (Starts Sun Feb 22nd)

Eliminate All:

  • Refined Sugars (processed snacks/sweets, cookies, soda/juice from concentrate, many condiments, basically anything with added sugar)
  • Red Meat (major sources of saturated fat, cholesterol)
  • Simple Carbohydrates (spike insulin, not as satiating, e.g. white rice, pasta, breads, potatoes, etc.)
  • Alcohol (highly caloric, degenerative in large amounts)
  • Dairy (can be source of saturated fats, lactose)
  • Fish/Poultry

Drink lots of water and tea, coffee or real juice in limited amounts (1-2 cups/day)

Stock Up on all kinds of vegetables and fruits focusing more on raw or frozen rather than juiced or dried which are mostly sugar as well as whole grains, soy (not whey) protein powder and flavorings, e.g. spices, onions, garlic, etc.

Here are some suggestions for how a typical day next week might look like...

Breakfasts: protein shake with water or soy milk (maybe add some fruit or tea or cold oil) or baked beans on whole grain toast with tea/coffee or small glass of juice.
Lunches: salad loaded with colorful raw vegetables and/or protein shake
Snacks: small handful of almonds, raw veggies & humus/bean dip, fruit (apple, pear, berries)
Drinks: 100-150 ounces of non-caloric water based drinks (water, tea, etc.)
Dinners: Cooked vegetables and veggie protein (beans, tofu, nuts, etc), and whole grains (brown rice, quinoa, couscous, bulgar)

Week 2 (Starts Sun Mar 1st):
Add back Fish/Poultry and Non-fat Dairy for added lean protein

Week 3 (Starts Sun Mar 8th):
Add back moderate amounts of Alcohol if you so choose as alcohol is almost as calorie dense as fat!

Week 4 (Starts Sun Mar 15th):
Add back a small portion of Simple Carbohydrates (e.g. white rice, pasta, breads, potatoes but keep as much whole grain as possible)

Challenge Concludes Sun Mar 22nd!
Add back very limited amounts of Refined Sugars and Red Meats if you so choose, but keep vegetables as your base.

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Robert Troch said...

Don't know if this kind of "crash diet" is appropriate for everyone. If someone has had a long history of lots of simple carbs, protein (from animal sources )etc the reaction could be pretty bad. Forgive me if you addressed this and I missed it. Otherwise, I assume you check people's history out closely before putting them on somethin glike this?