Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Setting Fusion Healthy Habits

If you want to be ready for the summer or whatever your goal is, the only thing holding you back (if you are in the Fusion: Heart.Muscle.Mind program!) is yourself. We need to create some accountability to self-imposed limits/minimums and striving for short-term goals/ideals.

Below are some questions to help you set your own fitness limits/minimums and goals/ideals. After each I put my answers to give you an idea. Now for these to work you need to keep a mental tally against them each day, week or month in the same way you might manage your work projects. At first, it might seem forced to keep a mental tally of exercise, food, etc. but it will become second nature and once your body is in the fitness habit your body will let you know when you are off track. This fitness habit is the key to keeping you in in a healthy lifestyle. In addition, like all goals you will revisit these every so often to make adjustments as you go deeper into your healthy lifestyle.

fusion cross-trainingExercise:

Ideal # of workouts/week?

Bare min # workouts/week?

Longest to go without working out in special circumstances? 1 week

How long/hard do you need to workout for it to count? Challenging 45 min


Max saturated fat intake/day? 6 grams
Max trans fat/hydrogenated oil intake/day? 0

Ideal % of carbs that are whole grain/day or /week? 80%
Min/day? 50% Min/week?

Max meals/week allowed on junkier foods? 1

Ideal vegetable/fruit intake/day? 6 servings; part of every meal, majority of 1 meal
Min vegetable/fruit intake/day? 4 servings

Ideal meals/day? 5 Min/day? 3

Ideal home cooked dinners/week? 6 Min? 4

Mental Health:
You can also apply this to your mental health practice, be it proper sleep, meditation, reading, hobby, etc.

Ideal sleep/day? 9 hrs Min/day? 7

Min Meditate/Read/etc. week? Once

Take a moment and decide what your ideal day/week and minimum limits are for your Fusion lifestyle. Then make decisions and act on them. Get your partner and friends on board as well.

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