Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Finding Purpose and Health Through Passion

The things we find ourselves gravitating toward, the things we can't help doing, are important indications of what we are here to do. The things we feel passionate about are clues to our life purpose. When we are spending lots of time doing things that are outside of our passions and life purpose the weight on our bodies is heavy. Watt is more is our heart and body are expanding energy and suffering stress in searching for our purpose and joy in life whether we are conscious of it or not, all of which pulls us away form a completely healthy lifestyle.

When we align ourselves with our purpose we find a true, deep motivation for living that can transform work from a mindless grueling, torture that puts added, daily stress on your body and mind into a timeless, fulfilling effort. It is still hard to achieve your goals and stress will find a way in if you let it, but your heart is quieted and strong in believing your hard work and ambitions are worthy. Your efforts will feel lighter on the mind and body allowing you to conserve more energy to achieve greater feats and live longer.

Re-Discovering Your Passion/Talents

Often we have difficulty recognizing and appreciating our own talents, because they come so naturally to us that they don't seem like a big deal or we don't think we can make a living doing it but we need to get creative and merge our passions and ambitions. We can start by thinking about what others continually notice in us.

fusion cross-trainingI was always building a healthy lifestyle and continually training for a wide variety of sports, but I thought it was just a hobby and so it never entered into my mind as a career let alone life purpose. While traveling in New Zealand I noticed how living an active healthy lifestyle light me up inside and was actually an engrained talent I could share. In other words I finally realized I had value to give.

Developing A Life Purpose
The opportunity to share our gifts and thereby make a difference in the world is one of the most profoundly fulfilling experiences we can have in life, and an essential ingredient in creating true prosperity. When you follow your heart, and are committed to your healing and growth, you simply can't help becoming more and more of who you are meant to be!

fusion cross-trainingWhile traveling in Asia in often poor and less than healthy conditions I was moved by the need to connect with people and find a way to get more meaning from my work life by ensuring that it actually helped people in some deep way, which for me was health. I finally saw how my passion had a purpose to help people help themselves be healthy and happy.

Merging Business with Pleasure
This part is where one needs to get creative and take the biggest risks often times. It is when you put your money where your heart is and take the leap into new careers, new places, new people, and ultimately a new you. And you might not hit the head on the nail with the first shot but as long as you continue to desire a healthier life filled with passion and purpose the universe will conspire to help guide you to the manifestation that will fit you, via the right connections, successes and even failures.

fusion cross-trainingAfter returning to the U.S. I merged my purpose with my entrepreneurial ambition and another passion for marketing/design to build my own brand and business around my life's mission and Fusion was born. What many of you don't know however is that before Fusion I had completed 300 pages of a transformation through travel story (like Eat, Pray, Love) along with a publishing proposal. While the book fell under the big umbrella of my purpose, it didn't quite align with my other talents/skills and ambitions. (FYI - Books usually don't pay the bills unless you are already famous or extremely talented like Fusion client Jennifer Weiner!) The day I accepted this, I stopped writing my book (for now) and started writing the business plan for Fusion, 18 months later we opened and 2.5 years later we are an established, loved and growing brand. I couldn't be happier with my choices and I know that my body is healthier for aligning my life with my passion and purpose.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:
What do you love to do naturally that others find value in? (i.e. If someone were to pay you to do something what would it be?)

What is the greater purpose within that passion?
(i.e. How can this passion connect you to other people and do good?)

What are your ambitions and how can you creatively tie them together with your purpose?
(i.e. What positions or organizations share your purpose or do you need to bring it into this world? What is your Fusion?)

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