Monday, October 08, 2007

fusion Vegan Detox Diet

Relative Food Consumption Pyramid


Ø Calories: regardless of the type of food intake, if you are trying to loose fat and weight, everything still needs to be estimated for # of calories so that you hit your daily calorie goal without exceeding it.

Ø Daily Foods: lots of vegetable based foods/drinks (at every meal), legumes/beans, as well as, some whole grains and fruits. Eat the majority of veggies/fruits raw, some cooked and even less juiced (no juice from concentrate).

Ø Add-ins: soy (no whey) protein shakes/bars and green food (natural vitamins/enzymes), probiotics (acidophilus), fiber (optional) + tons of water

Ø Flavors: spices, garlic, olive oil, salt/pepper, salsa, hot sauce, etc.

Ø Eliminate: alcohol, cigarettes, meat, fish, dairy, simple/refined carbohydrates (white rice, pasta, potatoes, cakes/cookies, pizza, etc.), soda, juice from concentrate, basically anything with added sugar (besides fruit)

Ø Limit: caffeine, processed foods with artificial flavors, colors and preservatives (if it comes in packaging and its not frozen beware), pesticides (try to buy organic)

Ø Timeframe: from 2 weeks to as long as you want to take it. When you decide to pull back off the restrictions, do it one at a time (i.e. meat first week, alcohol second, sugar third) rather than all at once to see what differences you notice.

Typical Day

Breakfasts: protein shake (made with water or soy milk and fresh or frozen fruits and possibly 1 tbsp cold oil) or baked beans on wholegrain toast

Lunches: salad loaded with colorful raw vegetables and possibly protein shake for more calories

Snacks: small handful of almonds, raw veggies & hummus/bean dip/salsa, fruit (apple, pear, berries)

Drinks: 100-150 ounces of non-caloric water based drinks (water, tea, etc.)

Dinners: cookedand raw vegetables, vegetable protein (beans, tofu, nuts, etc), and whole grains (brown rice, quinoa, couscous, bulgar)


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